The Appworx Company

This company was formed with the mission to bridge the gap between antiquated college syllabi and the demands of a fast changing IT environment. To make the workforce industry-ready, Appworx initiated programs like Skill India Mission, Skill Malls and Technology Excellence Centers and TISS. Appworx came in to existence as a social entrepreneurial initiative in skill training, working largely in the underdeveloped regions of the country. The company is committed towards providing young people with high quality vocational education & skill training with relevant & recognized certifications that result in meaningful employment and successful careers in the organized sector. Appworx is a skills training provider who works with the Indian government as an NSDC training partner and to date has trained thousands of graduates in different vocational courses, thereby providing gainful employment to many youngsters. Our tie-ups with prominent global educational institutions help our students further their professional growth and explore career prospects across geographic boundaries.
About Sebiz
Sebiz is an IT company that focuses on collaborating with the Central and State Governments to impart vocational training and counselling in order to encourage skill development and self-employment among the urban poor. Sebiz employs 450+ people, has been in business since 2000, and it operates from the iconic Sebiz Square building in Mohali. In last three years, more than 5,000 students across the states of Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh and Uttar Pradesh were trained and more than 3600 students are placed until now in various organizations.