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Appworx came in to existence as a social entrepreneurial initiative in skill training, working largely in the underdeveloped regions of the country. The company is committed towards providing young people with high quality vocational education & skill training with relevant & recognized certifications that result in meaningful employment and successful careers in the organized sector. To make the workforce industry-ready, Appworx initiated skilling programs like Skill India Mission, Skill Malls, Technology Excellence Centers and TISS.

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Appworx in Action

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Skill India Mission

Appworx has been in the training industry for over 10 years, and for the past 4 years, the company has been actively collaborating with the Central and State Government organizations in skill development and training initiatives. We have a team of highly talented professionals on board who are turning the odds in to favor. Our focus is to impart demand-driven and market relevant courses with sustainable transformation through learning and skills development, improving business productivity, and enhancing youth employability and entrepreneurship.

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HealthcareSmartz is a part of global enterprise, which is trusted for its ethical business values to be an accountable, progressive, and outcome-driven organization. With a vision of innovation, caring and excellence in the healthcare career, there are education programs for students and professionals who are willing to study and work abroad. The tie-ups with renowned educational affiliates in different parts of the world helps to make the right connections so that students can further their professional growth and explore career prospects in a foreign land.

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Skill Malls and Technology Excellence centers

The success of your students and the reputation of your college are important to you. However, it is not always easy to introduce latest technologies on campus due to budget crunch. Moreover, finding the right teaching talent can pose serious challenges. In addition, students are busy with their on-campus schedule; they need to learn new things without wasting hours of their precious time. Thus, we take actual classroom training for students’ right on the campus to learn latest technologies from the finest minds in the business. From training to placement, students are guided at every step to turn their aspirations in to reality.

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The approach adopted by TISS-SVE is called the Work Integrated Training Program (WITP). This Vocational Educational Program is being implemented for the first time in India with a focus on job-specific skills rather than providing only a board-based education. Under this program, students learn the skills by engaging in on-the-job training at real shop floor of the industry/company. The aim is to provide the opportunity to enhance skills and gain workplace-based industry experience, enabling them to learn by working and observing, as a part of the certification program.

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Skilling Hands and Brains of Youth

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    • Community connect
    • Grass-root connect
    • Matching aspiration with market demand
    • Technology driven
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    • Hospitality, Retail, Industrial, Healthcare, Infrastructure, etc.
    • Specialized skills development training
    • Effective communication skills to be job-ready
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    • Employer’s need-driven selection
    • According to candidate’s aptitude
    • Jobs in top organizations across the nation
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    • Post-employment support & tracking
    • Employer feedback to identify areas of improvement
    • Livelihood tracking of micro entrepreneurs
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