We believe entrepreneurship can change lives

‘Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime’.

Giving back to the community is very important to us at Netsmartz. We understand that family and community go hand-in-hand,chiefessays.net nature vs nurture definitions which is why we are committed to making a difference in the areas where we live, work and play. We proudly support a variety of nonprofits, charitable foundations, community events, mentoring and scholarship programs.

We concentrate our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts on encouraging entrepreneurship and accelerating startups chiefessays.net nature vs nurture definitions through the SACC (Startup Accelerator Chamber of Commerce). By guiding and encouraging entrepreneurship from the ground up, we help lead the way to increased prosperity and well-being and help fuel employment opportunities in the region.

“Our goal is to expose youth to entrepreneurship. It is the best way to create jobs and employment in the region.”

Our CEO Mr. Manipal Dhariwal, is a first-generation global serial entrepreneur with 20+ years of professional experience. One brainchild of our CEO was to create the Sebiz Finishing School (SFS). Through SFS programs, young IT graduates are trained on the latest technologies, business etiquette and soft skills by using real world examples and projects. When completed, these individuals are better prepared for today’s business world, which increases their chances of finding positions within top, well-known IT companies.

We estimate 1 in 100 of the local youth has benefited from the entrepreneurship and education efforts of Netsmartz, either by acquiring the confidence to getting their startup dream off the ground or becoming employed at a good company.

Honourable Haryana CM lighting up the Startup Torch with CEO of Netsmartz and President of SACC Sh. Manipal Dhariwal

“Through the SACC, we are mentoring over 100 startups directly. We congratulate the startups founded through our network and believe that many more will join the league. This is key to our desire to give back, to help Indian youth find their feet in a fast-changing world and to be a part of that transformation. We look forward to building a bona fide entrepreneurial ecosystem in our region of Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh.”

Manipal Dhariwal,
CEO of Netsmartz and President of SACC


A word about the SACC

Headquartered in Chandigarh, India, SACC is a non-profit organization that has a strong footprint in Punjab through its vibrant and highly networked community of established entrepreneurs, mentors, professionals, and students. SACC organizes boot camps for awareness, Startup Weekends for budding entrepreneurs, online startup education and active mentoring for startups.

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Startup Weekends

The SACC organizes Startup Weekends in collaboration with UP Global. The 54-hour entrepreneurship program helps inspire, educate, and empower individuals to start businesses.

Startup in a Box

Netsmartz owns Startup in a Box, a plug ‘n’ play space for early stage startups. Furnished with the latest equipment and facilities, Startup in a Box space is available at very nominal rates.

SACC University

Netsmartz runs the SACC University, an online portal where potential entrepreneurs and startup owners can learn more about running a business, getting funding, and presenting to investors.

We believe entrepreneurship can change lives

Our main CSR focus is entrepreneurship development and education, however, we also believe in giving back through other initiatives. The good Samaritans in our company find time to participate in a multitude of CSR activities. Just a few of these activities include visits to the Blind School, cleaning up the environment, spreading awareness about traffic safety and participating in blood drives.

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